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Frequently Asked Questions

With MTEL TV watch domestic top series, most wanted TV channels and rdio stations from Balkan. 270+ TV channels, HD channels, up to 7 days catch-up, availability on all your devices are just some of the benefits of MTEL TV service. MTEL TV service is intended for all people from Balkans who live abroad.

No contract - cancel any time. MTEL TV is prepaid service, which means that you pay in advance only for a period you want to use the service.

To use the MTEL TV service, you need to have:

  • high speed internet. Note: MTEL does not offer internet service. The user is obliged to provide a fast internet connection.

  • one of the supported devices or MTEL box. The MTEL box is not available in Canada, Australia and the countries of Near East.

  • active MTEL TV subscription.

The MTEL TV service can be purchased in the United States of America, Canada, the countries of the European Union (except Slovenia and Croatia), Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, countris of Near East and Australia and the rest of the world. The service is not available in ex-YU countries. To purchase the service in Austria, visit
If you cannot register on the site from the country where you are staying, you need to contact MTEL Customer Support via the email address or contact phone and you will receive instructions for the purchase.

You can see the offer and the package price at any time in the Packages section. The price depends on the territory in which you buy the service due to different currencies and taxes. MTEL reserves the right to change the prices from time to time (the changes do not affect the active subscription), as well as to create a promotion of the price of the subscription and the device.

Internet speed directly affects the quality of the stream. In order to watch all TV content without interruption, you need to have the following internet speed, which depends on the devices on which you watch the service:

  • 2 Mbps or more - when you want to watch channels on your phone or tablet

  • 10 Mbps or more - when you watch channels on one of the devices: MTEL box, Smart TV or streaming device (Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, ...)

  • 25 Mbps or more - when you use the Internet on multiple devices at the same time.

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