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We have made the new Privacy policy, effective May 25th 2018. By continuing to use our services and/or our web site after May 25th, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

GO4YU GmbH Austria (hereinafter: We, GO4YU or “GO4YU GmbH”), Mariahilfer Straße 103/8, 1060 Vienna, will be the controller of your personal data provided to, or collected by or for, or processed in connection with our services; you are entering into the agreement with GO4YU GmbH.

As a visitor of our web site or customer of our services, the collection, use and sharing of your personal data are subject to this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and/or other documents referenced in this Privacy Policy) and updates if any. The provisions contained herein supersede all previous notices or statements regarding our privacy practices.

GO4YU generally doesn’t provide the services for the Balkan territory, whether or not, now or in future, part of European Union (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia), so if you reside in Balkan territory this Privacy policy applies to you only as a visitor to our web site.

Protection of personal data

GO4YU takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. This Privacy Policy describes our policies and practices regarding collection and use of your personal data, and sets forth your privacy rights. GO4YU use up-to-date technical and organizational arrangements to protect your data against access and misuse by unauthorized persons. This Privacy policy regulates the following:

Personal data may only be processed and transmitted within the framework of the specific task and only for the purposes for which they were originally collected. Personal data will only be transmitted to third parties within the framework of legal regulations and/or with explicit consent. They are deleted or made anonymous immediately after the purpose for which they were collected ceases.

This Privacy Policy does not cover all the links within our web site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.

Protection of children

We do not knowingly attempt to solicit or receive any information from children. In case that a visitor to our website is a child, certain types of data are collected but not personally identifiable, and the usage of the website will be considered as approved/authorized by the holder of parental responsibility for the child. In case that the child is using our services, we will also consider that the usage is approved/authorized by the holder of parental responsibility for the child (parents, guardians), since our services are not intended to be bought/used by the children without the supervision of the adults.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to spend time online with their children and to become familiar with the types of content available through our website or service and on the Internet in general. We advise parents/guardians to regularly oversee their child’s use of e-mail and other online communications and transactional features. Control tools are available from online services and software manufacturers that can help to provide a safe online environment for children. If your child has used your credit card in connection with our service without your permission, please contact our Customer Service immediately.

Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data

You can access or delete your personal data. In this document, you can find out more information about how your data is collected, used and shared. We provide many choices about the collection, use and sharing of your data, from deleting or correcting data you have provided and controlling the advertising opt-outs and communication controls. We offer you settings to control and manage the personal data we have about you.

If the stored data is not correct, you can report it at any time through our Customer service, by phone or via the e-mail: or to our designated e-mail address for the purposes of data protection: .

At any time you have the right to ask for free information about the data stored about you, their origin and recipients as well as the purpose of the data processing. You also have the right to transfer data and delete your data. Should there ever be any reason to complain about the processing of your data, you can contact us at any time.

If you have any questions that this Privacy Policy could not answer or if you would like more in-depth information, contact us on our contact details of Customer service, or on e-mail Users have additional right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

For personal data that we have about you, you have the following rights:

Up to eight weeks of the receipt of the request regarding your rights, the information shall be provided by GO4YU or in case of deletion or rectification the application shall be compiled by the GO4YU, or you will receive within defined period of eight weeks a reason given in writing why the information is not or not completely provided or a reason in writing shall be given why the requested erasure or rectification was not carried out.

Security standards and data loss

GO4YU protects the data stored on its servers according to the state of the art. In the event of a loss of data at GO4YU despite the highest security requirements, GO4YU has envisaged specific escalation measures, which will promptly identify and correct any defect or take appropriate countermeasures. Depending on the severity or concern of specific persons, these and the relevant authorities (regulatory authority, data protection authority) will be informed.

Personal data

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, etc.

If you are a visitor of the website, we collect certain data automatically, such as IP address, region or general location where your computer or device is accessing the Internet, browser type, operating system and other usage information about the use of our website, including the history of the pages that you have viewed.

If you are a visitor of the website, we collect certain data automatically, such as IP address, region or general location where your computer or device is accessing the Internet, browser type, operating system and other usage information about the use of our website, including the history of the pages that you have viewed.


GO4YU identifies and processes personal and metadata, as well as other information you provide in the framework of the contract and/or when using the approved promo period free of charge for our services, and possibly as part of the verification of the customer's identity.

Master data

Personal data, which you provide to GO4YU at the conclusion of the contract, are understood to be the master data. This includes: name, address, telephone number, contact information such as your e-mail address, information about the nature and content of the contractual relationship. For companies: the company name, registered address and the company register number are also part of the master data. GO4YU deletes the master data relating to the customer no later than seven years after completion of all claims arising from the contractual relationship.


Metadata, refers to all data that is processed to forward a message to a communications network or to bill that process. These are, for example, active and passive subscriber numbers, type of device, charge code, total number of units to be charged for the billing period, type, date, time and duration of a connection or other use, routes, the protocol used, the network from which the message originates or to which it is sent.

Telephony - to fulfill the contractual obligations of the telephony (voice and SMS service), master data and metadata are processed in order to establish, control and charge telecommunication connections. On our website in section user account (My profile), you have access protected with password where you can track the consumption of the telephony service and review the listing of your calls and sent SMS.

Operational purposes

Only insofar as personal data are strictly necessary for operational purposes (in particular, troubleshooting of connection problems, network needs analysis, performance analysis, development and planning of network deployment, analysis and prevention of fraudulent activities, offers optimization etc.) are processed by using GO4YU metadata. Metadata stored for these purposes will be deleted or anonymized at the latest after 6 months.

In order to ensure communication, GO4YU works with different service providers who also have access to the technical systems and data for troubleshooting purposes. Some of these service providers are also outside the Designated countries. If this is the case, GO4YU will ensure, by means of appropriate guarantees given by the providers that the high level of data protection of the European Union and of Austria, as well as its service providers and partners, will be complied with.

We operate globally, and we use others to help us provide our services and website (e.g., maintenance, analysis, audit, payments, fraud detection, marketing and development). They will have access to your information as reasonably necessary to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for other purposes. Whenever your personal Information is transferred, stored or processed by us, we will take reasonable steps to safeguard the privacy of your personal data in accordance with applicable law.

Processing related to the contract/order

For accounting, business or legal reasons, the master data and metadata of customers and suppliers of GO4YU are processed, analyzed and stored. All tax-relevant records are kept for seven years.


We are sending the invoices to the e-mail address specified by you for exactly this purpose. Master and metadata are used for billing purposes. The master data and product/service data can be found directly on the invoice. You can also find all invoices in your customer zone on the web site “My profile”, including the listing of the usage of the services. For billing purposes, the metadata and thus also their individual records are stored until the deadline for filing a complaint or a final decision on the complaint against the consumption based bill. The invoices are stored for the statutory retention period of 7 years.


In case of payments of the prepaid invoice through our web site, the method of payment you have announced (credit card) can be used for automatic payment collection if you have chosen this option. GO4YU works with banks and credit card companies to collect payments. In this case, data is transmitted in encrypted form to the service providers. Customers who settle their prepaid account via the customer zone section of the website are handled via the service provider Payunity (Designated countries) and (the USA and Canada).

You may revoke your consent to the automatic payment collection at any time, for any reason whatsoever, with effect for the future, by accessing to your user account on our website (“My profile”) and turning off this function.

If you transfer the outstanding invoice amount to GO4YU yourself (a bank's order), the payment will be automatically allocated to your customer account at GO4YU using your master data, which is provided by the banks. If you buy a product in connection with a service/tariff in GO4YU shop, the information about purchased products is stored in the customer database. In this case, your customer data will also be printed on the invoice issued in the shop.

When purchasing tariff/service directly from GO4YU application, you have the option to make purchase through Apple or Google system (so called „in-app purchase“). GO4YU does not have access to the data you enter during the purchase process. We suggest you to get acquainted with Apple and Google Privacy Policy.

Claims and disputes

In claims and disputes cases, GO4YU accesses the master, meta, payment, and profile data and customer interactions stored in databases that are needed to review the claim.

If you contact the arbitration board if any, a representation of interests (eg Association for Consumer Information) or an attorney and you are brought in an objection on your behalf, GO4YU gives your personal data mentioned above to the arbitration board or interest representative or the lawyer needed to clarify the opposition case. As long as the process is legally in progress, the personal data described above will not be deleted. Afterwards, the general retention and deletion periods apply.

Termination of the contract

If you terminate your contract, your personal master data and saved customer interactions will be deleted after 3.5 years (after completion of all claims arising from the contractual relationship).

Extraordinary termination - handling of special cases

If there is an extraordinary reason for termination, for example due to guardianship or death, the necessary master and metadata but also notifications and documents are transmitted to third parties such as notaries, lawyers, or certain administrative staff if necessary.

Legal obligations regarding abuses and emergencies

You are informed and agreed that our telephony services cannot be used for making an emergency calls service (rescue, fire brigade, police, etc.), so we are not able to provide information about your master and location data to any emergency services.

You have the option of turning to GO4YU if you are being harassed by a specific caller. If it is feasible, we will apply appropriate measures to protect you and inform you about it.

Transfer to third-parties

Your data will be used exclusively to provide our service and of course, will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent. Our employees and partners, who could gain knowledge of your personal data through maintenance and service, are bound to secrecy. We do not reveal your personal data to third-parties for their independent use unless: (1) you request or authorize it; (2) the information is provided to comply with the law, disclosure to authorities according to the legal obligation, enforce an agreement we have with you, or to protect our rights, property or safety; (3) the information is provided to our agents, vendors or service providers who perform functions on our behalf; (4) to address emergencies; or (5) to address disputes, claims, or to persons demonstrating legal authority to act on your behalf. There is no sale or marketing of your data.

Transfer to third countries

Information we collect from you will be processed in Austria, USA and Serbia, depending of your residence and type of user (a visitor of the website and/or user of certain services of ours), and in line with legal regulations. The United States has not sought nor received a finding of “adequacy” from the European Union under Article 45 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since Serbia is in the negotiation process with European Union regarding the association, it is expected to adopt the new Data Protection Law, fully harmonized with GDPR. GO4YU relies on derogations for specific situations as set forth in Article 49 of the GDPR.

In particular, GO4YU collects and transfers to the third countries personal data only: with your consent; to perform a contract with you; or to fulfill a compelling legitimate interest of GO4YU in a manner that does not outweigh your rights and freedoms. GO4YU endeavors to apply suitable safeguards to protect the privacy and security of your personal data and to use it only consistent with your relationship with GO4YU and the practices described in this Privacy Policy. GO4YU also minimizes the risk to your rights and freedoms by not collecting or storing sensitive information about you.

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Analysis of the use of the website

We use various software to analyze the use of our websites to gain valuable insight into the needs of our website visitors. These insights help us to constantly improve the quality of our offerings.

Cookies policy

We collect non-identifiable personal information through technology, such as “cookies” and other technologies (such as web beacons and pixel tags). Cookies are small data files stored on your computer’s (PC, laptop) hard drive, smartphone, tablet or any other device connected to the internet by a website. Cookies allow an analysis of your user behavior, but also allow you to be recognized as a visitor to our website and you do not have to log in again. For this purposes, our server accesses your cookies and processes the stored information.

Cookies are used both to improve the quality of service, including the storage of user preferences, and to track visitor trends, such as which products you have viewed and ordered. If the "cookies" function is activated in your browser settings on your computer/device, GO4YU can recognize the browser of the local computer and offer you the advantageous functions of the cookies. Basically, cookies used to analyze user behavior are automatically deleted after 30-90 days.

So-called session cookies are automatically deleted after 30 minutes if you close your browser or use the logout function. They contain only a randomly generated identifier that allows you to be recognized during a session while using the website. Permanent cookies are only set if you allow them in your browser settings and you additionally agree. For example, it's a permanent cookie if you allow the "remember me/stay signed in" feature. Such cookies are stored for a period of one year and extended with regular use.

You can easily manage cookies yourself: enable and disable cookies. You can manage cookies by following the procedure for the browser you use:

However, disabling cookie functionality may prevent you from using certain benefits or features when visiting the website. Therefore, we recommend that you enable the cookie feature.


You and GO4YU GmbH (collectively “The Parties”) agree that the laws of Austria, excluding conflict of laws rules, shall exclusively govern any dispute relating to this Privacy policy or any other binding document that You have with GO4YU. In the event of misunderstanding or dispute that may arise from this Privacy policy, the Parties shall strive to resolve it amicably, by mutual agreement. All disputes which cannot be settled as envisaged previously, shall be finally settled by the competent court in Vienna, Austria.