Premiere - new season Kalkanski krugovi on Superstar channel

Premiere - new season Kalkanski krugovi on Superstar channel


After the great success and delight of the audience caused by the first two seasons, the domestic series "Kalkanski krugovi" continues its mysterious adventure in the third season, promising even more excitement, secrets and unexpected twists.

The premiere of this long-awaited season is scheduled for March 30, with episodes airing every weekend at 9 p.m., exclusively on the Superstar channel, available only with MTEL TV.

New plots and old secrets are at the core of the new season of "Kalkan Circles", where the arrival of Miroslav Spasić in Dol brings a great threat. Gathering a group of like-minded people, Spasic plans to usurp Zabran and use his powers for his own dark purposes. However, Miona, with the support of Velibor and other residents, stands up for Dol and prepares to protect this magical space from destruction.

This season was also marked by emotional moments, because Žarko Laušević, one of the main actors, played his last role in front of the cameras of "Kalkan Circles". In addition to him, the series brings famous faces such as Vojin Ćetković, Nina Janković, Pauline Manov, Ivana Zečević, as well as a number of new, intriguing characters that will enrich the plot.

The production team, led by creator and screenwriter Đorđe Milosavljević, promises a finale that will answer many of the questions that plagued viewers in previous seasons, offering a satisfying closure to the Ban story. Season 3 of "Kalkan Circles" invites viewers to join the final battle for Prohibition.

You can watch the new episodes of "Kalkanski krugov" for the first time on the Superstar channel, which is exclusively in the MTEL TV offer.

Get ready for a final that will not leave anyone indifferent.