Humanitarian shows you will love

Humanitarian shows you will love


We present three humanitarian-themed shows that will enrich the TV program this autumn. The first combines culinary competitions of celebrities with humanitarian goals, the second explores inspiring stories and talents across the country, while the third celebrates life through music, laughter, and emotional segments, emphasizing the importance of empathy and solidarity.

In the humanitarian show 'Na večeri kod' on RTS 1, celebrities will compete in a culinary contest, forming two teams: 'Biber' and 'So'.

The goal of the competition is to earn points for their team, and the winning team will donate a million dinars to the 'Srce' Center for providing emotional support and suicide prevention in Novi Sad. Viewers will have the opportunity to get to know the personalities behind famous names, through their home and professional habits, as well as the opinions of their friends and family. The program offers a rich palette of music, humor, and culinary specialties, prepared by 12 talented and humane participants. The show is full of surprises and unusual moments, offering a unique insight into the lives and talents of its guests. The end of each episode is enriched with music and socializing, highlighting the qualities of the hosts, as well as the creativity and team spirit of the contestants.

Watch 'Na večeri kod' on Mondays at 10 pm on the RTS1 channel.

The humanitarian show 'Srce za decu' primarily aims to bring a smile to children who are fighting the most important battles in life. Once a week, host Katarina Manojlović and her team will strive to delight girls and boys who are in hospital treatments as well as in family homes by fulfilling their wishes. Whether it's meeting a personal idol or something material they couldn't afford for themselves.

You can follow the 'Srce za decu' show on the Blic TV channel, Wednesdays at 9:45 pm.

'Hajde da se volimo' is a new humanitarian show-program that combines music, entertainment, and emotion, exploring stories across Serbia and abroad. Hosts Ana Šupić and Zoran Pajić lead us through a series of inspirational segments that highlight empathy, humanity, and solidarity, revealing hidden heroes and talents of ordinary people. The show features talented musical families and surprising singing talents, along with spectacular first performances on stage. The content includes studio challenges, unexpected weddings, romantic meetings, and emotional good deeds, celebrating life, joy, and laughter, but also evoking tears.

The 'Hajde da se volimo' program emphasizes the importance of love and mutual support and is broadcast every Saturday at 9 pm on the RTS1 channel.