Rules for participation in the MTEL grand prize giveaway

Rules for participation in the MTEL grand prize giveaway


Rules MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway 

To register for the prize draw, open the link .

Participation Rules: The Giveaway is valid for the territory of the United States of America and Canada. Visitors of the Serbia 2023 event, as well as all interested individuals who register via the sign-up link and fulfill the first condition related to the territory, have the right to participate in the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway.

Organizer: The organizer of the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway is MTEL USA LLC from California. The organizers of the Serbia 2023 event are not involved in the prize giveaway's organization and do not bear any responsibility for it.

Registration: Participants can register at the MTEL booth during the Serbia 2023 event or via the sign-up link. During registration, participants must provide accurate and valid information.

Duration: Registration for the MTEL Grand Giveaway is open from August 25th until September 3rd at 8PM CDT. The drawing of winners will take place immediately after the end date and time of the giveaway entry.


2x PlayStation 5 10x annual MTEL TV subscriptions 20x semi-annual MTEL TV subscriptions

Winner Selection: Winners will be selected using a computer algorithm for random selection from all registered participants. The winner selection process will be fair and transparent.

Winner Notification: Winners will be notified about their prizes via the phone number or email address they provided during registration.

Confirmation and Prize Redemption: Winners will receive information about the next steps to confirm their winner status and arrange for prize redemption. Winners will be contacted using the contact details provided during registration at the booth or via the sign-up link. If a winner cannot be reached (the selected winner does not answer the call or respond to the email) within 48 hours, MTEL reserves the right to choose an alternate winner. MTEL covers the costs of delivering the prize to the address provided as valid when contacted by MTEL. If the winner changes their address afterward, the organizer does not cover the costs of prize delivery or any other costs related to the winner's new address.

Promotion Rules: By participating in the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway, all participants automatically accept the rules and conditions defined here.

Abuse: Any form of abuse or attempt at fraud may result in the disqualification of the participant from the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway.

Limitations: Each individual can only register once, regardless of whether it's done at the MTEL booth at the Serbia event or via the sign-up link.

Legal Obligations: Prizes may be subject to applicable legal taxes and fees. Winners are responsible for fulfilling all legal obligations related to the prizes.

Consent for Contact: All registered participants give consent for representatives of MTEL to contact them regarding participation in the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway, as well as for promoting MTEL TV services.

Photos and Media: By participating in the MTEL Grand Prize Giveaway, participants agree to be photographed or filmed and give consent for their photos and/or video footage to be published on MTEL's social media profiles, digital and print media, and other marketing channels for promotional purposes of MTEL products and services, without time or territorial limitations. By granting consent for the use of photos and/or video footage with their likeness in the aforementioned manner and for the purposes described above, participants waive any right to compensation.

Changes to Rules: MTEL reserves the right to modify the rules or cancel the prize giveaway at any time for any reason.