New series Nemirni on Superstar TV

New series Nemirni on Superstar TV


In a dark night at a construction site in Belgrade, the remains of a young man were found. Inspector Mirna Paligorić, portrayed by Nikolina Friganović, takes on the case and embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse as she tries to solve the murder. The main suspect, Vukašin Banović (Strahinja Blažić), has disappeared, but the murder of Mirna's colleague sheds new light on the case.

Over time, Mirna discovers that powerful individuals are involved in the story. Investigating fabricated autopsies and police corruption, Mirna puts her own life at risk. While she focuses on the investigation, Vukašin's brother Momčilo (Gordan Kičić) tries to uncover the truth to save his family from criminals lurking in the shadows.

The series "Nemirni" airs every weekend at 9 PM on the Superstar channel.

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