New domestic series you must watch

New domestic series you must watch


This autumn, TV screens are enriched with three exciting domestic series. From tense criminal stories in the series "Tunel" to intriguing plots in "Poziv" and dramatic twists in the second season of "12 reči," each series brings a unique style and compelling content.

The series "Tunel," a new hit on the Superstar channel, is a mix of police thriller and social drama, inspired by the most famous international crime series. It features 12 episodes based on true events and police reports, exploring 11 critical cases. The series follows the work of the Special Negotiation Team of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, highlighting how negotiation affects both the professional and private lives of team members. The team, consisting of six members, is tasked with resolving crises and preventing crimes, often facing situations that require improvisation and adaptation. The cast includes Jovan Belobrković, Minja Peković, Miloš Đorđević, Dragan Boža Marjanović, Tamara Šustić, Zoran Cvijanović, and many others. "Tunel" is broadcast on weekends at 9 PM on the Superstar channel, offering an exciting insight into the world of crisis negotiation and police work.

The highly anticipated continuation of the series “12 reči” arrives on MTEL TV, offering a new season full of intrigue and twists. The focus of the series is the young lawyer Miloš Ivanović, played by Viktor Savić, who faces challenges in his career and personal life. In the second season, we follow his complex dynamics with his mentor, lawyer Tomislav Grubor, played by Tihomir Stanić, and mafia boss Žarko Čečerina, played by Nikola Pejaković. The plot further complicates when Miloš's family drama intertwines with professional challenges, including the death of his father and the arrest of his mentor. The series, which offers an exciting insight into the world of law, mafia, and personal conflicts, is broadcast on weekdays at 9 PM on the Superstar channel.

The series "Poziv" is a contemporary thriller that offers a dynamic and exciting story. The main role of Anica Reljić, a former police inspector now working in a call center, is played by the celebrated actress Mirjana Joković. Anica finds herself in the center of a mystery when she receives a call from Sonja Tošić, a wealthy single mother, and begins an investigation that leads her into the world of criminal groups from her past. Throughout the series, Anica and Tijana, Sonja's daughter, discover that Sonja may be the key to solving an environmental scandal and the mysterious poisoning of three boys.

The series "Poziv" is broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 PM on the RTS1 channel.