New series - Prsten sudbine and Zakopane tajne

New series - Prsten sudbine and Zakopane tajne


"Prsten sudbine" is a drama about Anja and Jana, it is a drama about two sisters with completely different characters. Anja is getting ready for the wedding, and Jana is trying to get a job on television as a presenter. A terrible car accident leaves them in a coma and with severe facial injuries. The only way to recognize them is the ring Anja wears on her hand, but at the time of the accident, Jana was wearing her sister's ring. When she wakes up from a coma, Jana decides to take over her sister's identity and life... 

Sisters Anja and Jana lose their father at an early age and grow up with their mother Olga and her stepmother Ljuba. Anja is a successful marketing manager in a construction company, while Jana is a reporter who dreams about becoming a TV presenter. Although her request to lead the morning program was not accepted, she tries in every way to make her wish come true. Her intriguing life is full of surprises, while Anja leads a calm and stable life.

The very first episode brings a lot of surprises, tense situations and unexpected endings, so there is no doubt that "The Ring of Destiny" is a new hit series that will keep viewers glued to the small screens this spring. Find out why it is popular in more than 40 countries around the world!

You can watch the series on the Kurir TV channel, weekdays at 3 pm and 10 pm.

The series "Zakopane tajne" follows the life of the wealthy Dodder family, in which many family secrets are buried. The mysterious perfume designer Lala and her husband Balša Doder, a tycoon with jobs in the construction industry, are the backbone of the family, which gathers several generations under the roof of their villa. 

Many events create an unbreakable bond between the Doder family and two extremely poor families, Pepelčević and Radičanin, who have no idea how one seamstress, one truck driver and one desperate widower are connected to the richest man in the country through the prism of various interests and intrigues, which culminates in they get in the center of events of ladies from high society - in the beauty salon of the dangerous Agata.

Did a woman poison her husband with perfume? How did one man find himself torn between three women? How will a chance encounter in the theater change the lives of several families? Can every truth be lived? And the most important question: Whose secret is buried the deepest? You will get the answer to these and other intriguing questions every weekday at 21:00 on Pink TV. 

You can watch Kurir TV and Pink TV channels through the MTEL TV service. Both channels are included in all MTEL TV packages.