It used to be easy - two TV channels and the names of all shows, as well as their broadcast times, known almost by heart. Today everything has changed. Although they have their advantages, numerous TV channels often create a dilemma for us when choosing. That's why we present you with a list of the most watched shows of the entertainment program from the Balkans, as chosen by the viewers themselves.


The quiz "Slagalica" is one of the most watched television shows and a quiz with the longest tradition in the Balkans. It consists of various games - from associations, calculation operations to questions from general culture. It has proven to be a very successful formula that gathers viewers of different generations.

The fact that our people love quizzes is evidenced by the viewership of the "The Chase" quiz, in which each contestant tries to win as much money as possible for the common fund by answering questions. The big threat in knowledge and speed is the Seeker who uses his knowledge to try to eliminate the competitor from the game.

"In mathematics, the greatest puzzle is squaring the circle." In life, it's a man" - is the motto of the "Squaring the Circle" show for decades, which deals with all those who have left a special mark: innovators, creative, talented, noble and unusual people and their destinies.

"Svadba iz mog kraja" - a show that approaches traditional wedding customs from different parts of Serbia in a new way. The team of the show represents the newlyweds, their families, the region and the rich tradition of our people.

The show "Sasvim prirodno" brings you back to nature. If you want a real adventure, meeting sincere people who lead a simple life, be sure to join Jovan Memedović and the viewers of this show.

You can watch all the above shows on RTS.

When it comes to domestic sports content, the Arena Sport TV channels, which broadcast live matches of the Super League of Serbia, the m:tel Premier League of BiH, the ABA League, as well as all other domestic sports competitions, are unmatched in viewership, especially among male viewers.

The format of the Zadruga reality show has been attracting a lot of attention for years, and fan groups, which gather our people from all over the world, daily argue about the loves, adulteries, mischiefs and joys of the participants of this reality show, as well as all the happenings on the largest estate in the region.

The Zvezde Granda show is the most popular music show in the Balkans. Even after almost two decades, the competition of new talents enjoys enormous popularity among viewers.

Zvezde Granda special is a show that acquaints viewers with all the details on the pop scene, but also with events in the music show program of Zvezde Granda.

Watch Zadruga, Zvezde Granda and Zvezde Granda Specijal on Pink TV. For fans of real reality programs, there are also 4 specialized channels of the Cooperative.

That it is never too late to make every dream come true, is evidenced by the show of the same name, which gives contestants in their mature years the opportunity to show themselves and fill in the missing piece in the mosaic of their happiness. This show, which is broadcast on Prva TV, in addition to incredible musical talents, also brings numerous life stories that are the reason for their unfulfilled singing dream.

Shows from Blic Television also have women's choice and record viewership. In the show "Ceca i deca", Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović reveals numerous details from her life, as well as the life of her children and family, while the cult show "Balkanskom ulicom" by author Vesna Dedić, traditionally brings stories full of life's joys, but also sorrows that marked the lives of our public figures.

The choice of viewers is also the most famous culinary competition "Majke i snajke", which is hosted by the famous singer Svetlana Seka Aleksić and the famous chef Radomir Raša Vlačić. Interesting contestants, their unusual family stories, lots of laughter and excellent recipes are the trademark of this show, which is broadcast on Kurir TV.

"Nedjeljno popodne" on BN television is a collage-type show with a large number of interesting and topical interviewees. Culinary cuisine, fashion, ordinary people with unusual life stories, reports from correspondents from the country, region and the world, as well as well-known names of the Balkan entertainment scene, occupy a special place.

The culinary and travel show "Winter Kitchen" in the winter, and "Ljetnja kuhinja" in the summer, on Hayat TV presents the natural beauty of BiH and searches for long-forgotten culinary skills and recipes. Through the shows, presenters visit mountains, villages, hamlets and meet people who teach them the secrets of authentic Bosnian specialties.

"Tko želi biti milijunaš?" is another knowledge quiz that captures the attention of viewers, and is broadcast on HRT 1. In this competition, general knowledge is inseparable from the concentration, strategy and mental strength of an individual. The quiz is a challenge in which contestants push their limits and only a few win the prize.

"Samo lagano" is the name of the show that is singled out by viewers and is broadcast on HRT 2. With fun, interesting and motivating stories, the show makes you stop, take a deep breath and think before taking the next step in your life. The wide range of topics covers the lives of all generations.

The "Brak na prvu" reality program and sociological experiment on RTL HR has already captured the attention of a large number of viewers for the third season, who enjoy watching the relationship between fourteen unknown people eager for true love develop. With this reality show, we understand how difficult it is to change established behavior patterns of each of us and the importance of conversation and compromise in every relationship.
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