Our recommendation for series in the month of April

Our recommendation for series in the month of April


"U klinču" is a series that follows Aljoša, his family and friends. Through their stories, we follow the challenges that teenagers and their parents face today. Favorite heroes from the first season, ljoša, Vanja, Filip, Iskra, Simke, Tea, Milica, grandmother Anka and the Kovač family, continue to fight in the ring in the second season. for his dreams, but also with his own weaknesses and numerous new obstacles. You can watch the series on the channel RTS 1, weekdays from 8 p.m.

The "Kamiondzije d.o.o." series does not require a special announcement. In the third season, Zića and Baja have a new plan for business. They want to transport people, but they still don't have a license to do so. Their idea is enough to create a large number of incidents and accidents. You can watch the series on weekends from 8 p.m. on RTS 1.

The series "Kalkanski krugovi" is one of the first series filmed in this area with elements that we see in horror and mystery series. We are citing only some of the comments of people who follow this series. You can also watch it on weekends from 9 p.m. on the Supertar channel.

"The best series I have ever followed in my life, which held my attention for a second and I was very impatiently waiting for the second season."

"Great series!👏 Enjoying it."

"Great acting, interesting story and even more interesting moments in the series."

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