Series "Mrak" on Superstar channel

Series "Mrak" on Superstar channel


The plot of this drama/psychological thriller is inspired by a true event that occurred during the 2004 unrest in Kosovo and Metohija.

The series explores the poignant and harrowing story told through the perspective of a girl named Milica, who lives with her mother and grandfather in the remote mountains of Kosovo, on an estate surrounded by dense forest.

After the disappearance of her father and uncle, Milica continues to live with her mother Vukica and grandfather Milutin in an isolated house, which she only leaves when a KFOR armored vehicle takes her to school. In the terrifying shadow of the 2004 unrest in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbs in enclaves must make a difficult decision: to stay or to leave. Vukica and Milica struggle increasingly with daily pressures and growing fear, while Milutin is determined to persevere and stay in his homeland. However, a fateful night filled with horror will change everything.

Screenwriter and director Dušan Milić, known for his film works such as 'Jagoda u supermarketu,' 'Guča!,' and 'Travelator,' as well as television series 'Folk' and 'Sumnjiva lica' explains the essence of his new direction: 'This is a story about evil that cannot be separated from our being. My characters live in primal fear of darkness, of what awaits them when night falls. And even after almost twenty years since the 2004 Pogrom, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija continue to live in fear. Darkness is a metaphor for that fear.'

This is a story inspired by real events, but this production takes on the clear outlines of a cinematic narrative characterized, among other things, by its humanity and universality, making it easily understandable even to those encountering the depictions of the hardships and trials our compatriots had to face during the March pogrom for the first time.

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