After several years of independent growth and development, we have decided to join our forces with MTEL Austria and set the goal of providing customers worldwide with the best experience in the field of telecommunication and multimedia. With the setting of ambitious goals, on the way to expanding the market and providing high-quality services, the need has arisen to change the brand and the message, so we could more effectively convey who we are and what we have to offer.

New logo

The MTEL brand is recognized as a brand ensuring security, reliability and innovation and clearly relating to the services we provide. The main communication idea behind the appearance of the MTEL logo is the bridging of distances and connecting by means of modern technologies.

New message

Our new slogan is "Your world." With this slogan, we send you the message that, in every segment of providing services, we are focused on the user experience of an individual and that, as a company, we want to give each user an opportunity to create their own unique experience using the communication services that create their world.

New web-site and new apps interface

We present you our new website that has been created following the latest web design trends. Users will now be able to access the desired information faster and more easily.

Our app has a new name: MTEL TV. The app has a new appearance in accordance with the amended brand. Current users will be able to update the app easily while retaining the same application functionality. The changes will also be visible on our social media profiles and in other materials to ensure consistency in everything we do.

We are the same team as before and our services are the same ones that our customers are used to and love. We remain committed to providing quality and affordable services.

Our customer support is available 24/7/365 and, as before, you can get additional information by writing to our new email address:, via live chat on our portal or by dialing one of the phone numbers available on the Contact page.