Notice to MTEL Calling and MTEL Homephone users

Notice to MTEL Calling and MTEL Homephone users


We hereby inform you that we will stop delivering services MTEL Calling and MTEL Homephone on 22.04.2021. and that these services will not be part of our offer anymore. The reason for this decision is that MTEL Global plans to focus on MVNO service that will enable users to call friends and family in Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro (this service will be available in certain countries of European Union).

MTEL Global will continue to provide service MTEL TV that lets users to watch 250+ most popular Balkan TV channels and most popular series.

Existing users who have active subscription can use service till the end of the subscription. After that period users will not be able to buy new subscription and continue using service. We kindly ask users with annual subscription to call MTEL Call centre.

Thank you for being our valued customer. We are so grateful for the pleasure of serving you.